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Terms and conditions


Company information

The company's legal name is: ApS

Central Business Register (CVR) no.: 28100981

Company form: Private limited company (ApS)

Physical address: Avnsbjergvej 50, 4174 Jystrup Denmark

E-mail address: [email protected]

Telephone number: (+45) 3052 8769


How to place orders at

To make a purchase at, you must complete 5 steps.

1. Chose the product you wish to purchase and then click Order.

2. Enter your personal information.

3. Choose shipping/payment options.

4. Approve our terms and conditions.

5. Check to confirm that all the information is correct on the order summary page and approve the purchase.



When you shop at, orders/purchases of printed versions of the CAT-kit or 12-month subscriptions to an analogue CAT-web app for a user can only be made via our website or by e-mail. When the CAT-web app expiration date is approaching, you will be notified that your subscription is about to expire and you will be asked if you wish to renew your subscription. If you do not wish to renew, your subscription will automatically expire. If you have questions about products not shown on the website, you are welcome to contact us.

If you represent an institution and wish to order a larger quantity of products at once, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] to learn more.


All prices include Danish VAT. The Danish tax authorities may require us to collect VAT corresponding to the local VAT rate if the purchaser is from an EU country. This is typically determined according to the payment card information. The listed prices are current prices. When ordering from ApS, agreements are concluded in Danish unless you choose that the agreement is to be concluded in English.


A copy of your order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided in the contact information. This confirmation will be sent shortly after we have received your order.



The following payment options are available at





Payment by bank transfer


A payment card fee will be charged for purchases with MasterCard and Visa: 2.90%


The order amount will not be deducted from your payment card until the products are sent from ApS. It will never be possible to deduct a larger amount than what you have approved at the time of purchase.



You must pay for shipping if your products are to be delivered. Shipping charges depend on the weight and size of the package and the distance to the recipient. Delivery will be provided by a freight company.

Delivery times vary by country. Our normal delivery time in Denmark is 1-3 business days, but other delivery times may be indicated on the website.


See the table below for information about other countries we deliver to and our standard delivery time.






Delivery time:  Cat boxes


7-10 business days + customs processing time


7-8 business days + customs processing time


2-3 business days


4-5 business days + customs processing time


4-6 business days


4-6 business days + customs processing time


4-5 business days + customs processing time


1-3 business days


4-5 business days


4-5 business days

Faroe Islands

2-3 business days + customs processing time


3-6 business days


2-6 business days


4-6 business days + customs processing time


3-4 business days


2-4 business days + customs processing time


2-4 business days + customs processing time


2-3 business days


4-5 business days + customs processing time


4-5 business days + customs processing time


4-6 business days


3-5 business days


2-3 business days


3-5 business days


5-11 business days + customs processing time


2-3 business days

New Zealand

3-4 business days + customs processing time


2-6 business days


3-5 business days


3-5 business days


4-6 business days


3-15 business days + customs processing time


3-4 business days + customs processing time


4-5 business days + customs processing time


4-6 business days + customs processing time


4-6 business days


4-5 business days


3-5 business days


2-5 business days


1-5 business days

South African Republic

3-5 business days + customs processing time

Czech Republic

4-6 business days


3-5 business days + customs processing time


2-3 business days


4-6 business days


5-6 business days + customs processing time


2-3 business days




Delivery costs depend on several factors (country, order size, etc.). The total delivery costs for your order will be shown before you approve the purchase.  


Right of cancellation


If you wish to cancel your purchase

You have a 14-day right of cancellation for physical product orders from The right of cancellation period begins on the day you receive the product.


There is no right of cancellation for digital products (digital subscription) if the delivery of the digital product has begun.


To exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us of your decision to cancel the purchase agreement in a clear statement, for example by letter or e-mail to the following address: ApS

Avnsbjergvej 50

4174 Jystrup


E-mail address [email protected]


The right of cancellation can be exercised if you send your notice of exercising the right of cancellation before the expiry of the cancellation deadline.


Packaging and product condition of returned products

The right of cancellation can only be exercised if the product is returned in approximately the same condition and quantity. Therefore, the right of cancellation will become void if you use the product in a way that clearly and significantly reduces its sale value.


If you wish to cancel the purchase, return products to:

You must return the products or hand them over to us without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which you inform us of your exercising of the agreement’s right of cancellation. ApS

Avnsbjergvej 50

4174 Jystrup



The deadline is met if you return the products within the expiry of the 14 days. You must pay the direct costs in connection with returning the products.


You can also cancel the purchase by refusing to accept delivery of the product or by handing it over personally at the above address by prior agreement.

You will receive a refund of the amount you have paid to us

If you exercise your right of cancellation in this agreement, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (however not extra costs due to your own choice of a different delivery form than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer), without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which we received notification of your decision to exercise the right of cancellation. Reimbursement will be provided using the same payment method used by you for the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any event, you will not be charged any fees in connection with the reimbursement.


We can withhold the reimbursement until we have received the returned products or until you have provided documentation of having returned the products, depending on whichever occurs first.


You are only liable for any diminished value of the products that is due to handling beyond that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the products.


What must I return?

You must enclose a copy of the order confirmation with the product.

Please note! We do not accept packages sent as cash on delivery.




If something is wrong with the product

The provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act on defective products apply in the event of claims.


When you make purchases at, you receive a 24-month warranty. This means that the product can either be repaired or replaced, or you can receive a full or partial refund of the purchase price, depending on the specific situation.

The claim must be justified and the defect must not be a result of misuse of the product or other destructive behaviour.

How quickly must I submit a claim?

You must submit claims within a “reasonable time” after you have discovered a defect in the product. We recommend that you submit claims as quickly as possible. If you submit a claim within two months of discovery of the defect, the claim will always be considered timely.

We refund reasonable shipping costs

If the claim is justified, we will of course refund your (reasonable) shipping costs of sending the product back to us, provided that you can document your shipping costs – so remember to keep a receipt of these costs.

The product must be sent to: ApS

Avnsbjergvej 50

4174 Jystrup



We need the following information when you send the product to us

When you return the product, please provide information about the problem in as much detail as possible.

Note! We do not accept packages sent as cash on delivery or the like.

Remember that the product must always be returned in protective packaging.

Personal data policy



Customer profile 

When you create a user profile, you will be asked to choose a password. This password is personal and must not be given to others. It is not permitted to share the account. The profile is valid for one user only. stores your password in a secure manner. If you suspect or discover that your password has become known to others or that your profile has been misused, you must immediately contact is not responsible for lost or stolen Vouchers. 

The risk of loss of and the right to vouchers that are sent electronically are transferred to the buyer. 

When we link or otherwise refer to websites made available by a third party (e.g. social media), the use of the website is at your own risk. We have no control over the content of third party sites and the way in which your personal information and other data is used. When using websites offered by a third party, we recommend that you examine the website’s privacy policy in order to determine how your information is used.


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